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Virgin Oil Monemvasias

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Virgin Oil Monemvasias


Extra virgin olive oil is called the natural juice of olives which have undergone no other treatment apart from crushing.Its acidity does not exceed 0,8 % degrees.


It is labeled with the indication Extra Virgin Olive Oil.


In historic Laconia,next to famed Monemvasia lies Agios Nikolaos,a lovely traditional village with olive-groves old as the hills and many Byzantine monuments of unique glory.


The excellent climate of our region,the ideal soil conditions,the almost all-year- round sunshine and the wind of Myrtoo sea contribute to the creation of a truly unsurpassed product ,the extra virgin olive oil MALVA with a goldengreen colour.


The villagers are mainly olive growers who carry centuries of tradition and knowledge in the cultivation of their small groves.''Koroneiki'' and ''Athinoelia'' are the two cultivated varieties.


The gathering of the olive fruit and the production of the oil follow traditional techniques without any chemical treatment.The ripe olive fruit is carefully collected by hand and delivered at the same day undamaged to the mill.Thus, the produced oil maintains the freshness of a fruitjuice and has a very small number of acids highlighting its fruity aroma and its wonderful fine taste.