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Standardization of products
Standardization and packaging

The standardization of olive oil is made in the modern and high-specification bottling lines of glass bottles from 250ml to 1 liter with
capacity of 1000 bottles of 1 liter per hour.

We also make standardized metal tinplate containers from 250ml to 5litres with a capacity of 1000 1 liter containers per hour.

The standardization unit has been certified and operated in accordance with the HACCP standard, ensuring the consumer has a product of excellent quality and nutritional value.


250ml – 24pcs / box
500ml – 12pcs / box
750ml – 12pcs / box
1lt – 12pcs / box
3lt – 6pcs / box
5lt – 4pcs / box

Organic & Vegetable Oil Packaging

500ml – 12pcs / box
750ml – 12pcs / box

Private Label

Malva’s premium quality Extra Virgin Olive Oil can be packaged with a private label according to your own particular business needs.
Create a new dynamic product that combines high quality laconic olive oil and superior aesthetic commercial packaging that will provide you with high sales.
Create your own product, capitalizing on the benefits of our company!


Form of Interest for Standardization

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